Results Achieved


Employer Benefits

Clients have saved more in claim costs than the annual cost of our services.  Contact us to determine if your company has the same potential and to determine if our claims management services and representation will benefit your business.

Employer Saved over $100,000.00

Through our Total Claims Management Services our client was able to save over $100,000.00 in claim costs.

Save Money and time

Employer Saved $65,000.00

Complex claim involving an operator allegedly claiming right shoulder injury due to a workplace injury.  Through careful examination of file, pertinent information was found, resulting in a savings for the employer.

Client Saved over $66,000.00

Complex claim was challenged at the Review Division for policy error. Claim costs were reversed resulting in a savings for the client

Employer saved over $26,000

Employee had a hammer fall onto their head. Off for a couple of days and resumed work. Modified duties offered and accepted. Employee returned to work, but claimed workplace harassment.  Employee went off of work for several weeks claiming anxiety due to ongoing harassment.  Employee returned to work sporadically and then quit. Case manager continued to pay lost wages.  Claim was challenged and overturned at tribunal level, resulting in a savings for the employer.