"I found in my experience working closely with Pam [PDStover], that her professionalism and dedication to her clients has proven to be without equal. By actively integrating PD Stover's services with departments from Safety, Payroll and Human Resources [HR], each of these departments were now required to schedule a ‘significant time less’ to be spent on each injury claim  on a daily basis, freeing up availability for my regular daily workload as a Safety Manager.

I speak highly of Pam Stover’s services and legal professional knowledge in Claims Management Services. It is with great pleasure that I can personally recommend PD Stover Professional Corporation."

  Matt. H, Safety Manager

"Pam was incredibly reliable with everything that I needed to manage workers' comp claims.  From setting up return to work meetings to broading {sic} my understanding of the legislation and the employers obligation.  I could always depend on Pam to guide me to the best possible outcome for all stakeholders."  Charles. L CHRP

If a WCB Specialist can save you time and money, isn't it worth a conversation?


Claims Management, Representation at the Review Division and Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT), Consulting on Complex Claims

Client Saved over $100,000.00

Through our Total Claims Management Services this year,  a single client of PD Stover Professional Corporation was able to save over $100,000.00 in claim costs.

Client Saved over $66,000.00

Complex claim was challenged at the Review Division for policy error. Claim costs were reversed resulting in a savings for the client of over $66,000.00

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