PD Stover Professional Corporation

Employer Representative for Workers' Compensation Matters


"Pam was incredibly reliable with everything that I needed to manage workers' comp claims.  From setting up return to work meetings to broading {sic} my understanding of the legislation and the employers obligation.  I could always depend on Pam to guide me to the best possible outcome for all stakeholders."  Charles. L CHRP

"Pam has been a pleasure to work with.  She's very determined to get results and has a desire to always learn and improve with the changes that happen with workers' compensation laws.  Pam listens to her clients' needs and expectations"  Melissa. R  Office Administrator

Employer saved over $140,000.00

Complex claim involving a crush injury. Employee suffered a break and lacerations to the foot.  Off for several weeks, unable to return to work due to ongoing issues. Remained off work, and employee underwent vocational rehabilitation.  After review of the file, claim was challenged, resulting in a savings for the employer.

Employer saved over $90,000

Long haul driver was in an accident on a major highway.  Due to nature of accident, fatalities occurred, resulting in the employee unable to return to work.  After review of the file, pertinent information was found, resulting in a savings for the employer.

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