Total Claims Management

What is Total Claims Management?

Total Claim Management is a proactive approach to immediate control over and containment of workers' compensation claim costs.  The key to effective claims management is to be involved in a claim from the onset.   Early intervention, medical evidence, treatment and an action plan are critical for controlling costs.   It is imperative to identify potential issues and concerns at the onset and address all decisions made on a claim within the required timeframe. 

Effective and consistent claims management reflects ultimately in lower costs of a claim and subsequently lower premiums/surcharges.

What We Do

PD Stover Professional Corporation makes sure your claims are reviewed, understood and processed in a timely manner.  When an accident occurs and a claim is pending, we ensure the employers rights are upheld including:

  • Confirming the claim is correctly established within WCB/WSBC legislation and timelines
  • Establishing the most cost effective means of addressing the injury
  • Implementing  tools to reduce the time loss component of the claim
  • Ensuring all expenditures are reasonable, based on applicable policies and legislation
  • Pursuing modified duties in all circumstances
  • Identyfying, initiating and advocating for potential cost-relief opportunities
  • Preparing and submitting issues of appeal, reconsideration requests

Why We Do It

Internal claims management can be very time consuming and complex. Understanding workers' compensation legislation, policies and procedures, as well as how they are applied to a claim, what the resulting impact is on a claim, how claim decisions are made and how a claim is processed from initial to resolution are key factors in keeping claim costs under control.  By outsourcing your WCB claims to PD Stover Professional Corporation we provide our expertise and experience in only managing workers' compensation claims and can quickly access pertinent information that can be directly applied to your specific situation .