After 7 years of experience with WSIB Pamela decided to alter her direction to assisting employers with their workers' compensation matters.  She has experience dating back to 2014 of managing complex claims and representing clients at appeals and tribunals, from small businesses to national corporations. While her experience has been nationwide she currently represents clients on the island, m 

Her holistic approach provides an invaluable insight on the process and best ways to achieve maximum results with reducing claim costs and ultimately premium rates. 

Pamela and her family now reside in the Cowichan Valley after moving from Ontario to be closer to family.  As part of the island community she is looking to bring her unique set of skills and services to employers on the island.


Our primary goal is to keep your claim costs as low as possible in order to prevent unnecessary expenditures. Soaring claim costs contribute to financial loss directly affecting your business.  

A single claim has the potential to cost an employer tens of thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs. 

PD Stover Professional Corporation believes in a strong client rapport based on excellent communication, team work and accessibility, as our clients are our priority.